We warmly welcome you to Stroud Yoga Space…a fully equipped, comfortable and warm space to practice with highly qualified teachers, who will look after you whether you are just starting out on your yoga/pilates journey or are an experienced yogi

Below is information to guide to to finding and booking classes and a few studio guidelines…

  • All classes to be pre-booked with the relevant teacher…details on the ‘Classes’ page
  • The studios are fully equipped but we encourage you to bring your own mat if you wish
  • We ask that you leave your coats and shoes in the cloakroom and take your valuables into the studio with you

Arriving, moving around and leaving the studio…

  • Please arrive ready in time for your class
  • We ask that you move quietly through the studio with respect for other classes

Hygiene at the studio…

The whole studio is thoroughly cleaned twice a week and in between we keep it as clean and hygienic as possible

We ask you to respect this and do your bit to help keep it clean too

If you use one of our mats then use the spray provided after use and store the equipment back in it’s correct place

Please take home all your belongings and rubbish

Any left property will be put into the ‘forgotten items’ basket in the cloakroom for a couple of weeks after which time we will donate it to charity

In the Studios…

  • Studios are well ventilated
  • We do provide equipment such as mats, blocks, cushions and bolsters, but we encourage bringing your own mat and blocks if you can
  • Some of our teachers may live stream their classes alongside teaching live, which will mean there will be a camera and laptop in the room but only focused on the teacher…not on you!

Equipment available from our shop…

Mats and other equipment are available to buy from the yoga shop on Fridays and Saturdays ( belts, bolsters, blocks, bricks, eye masks ) we also sell online…see the ‘Shop’ page

We offer a variety of classes including…
Dru Yoga, Iyengar, Hatha Flow, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Teen Yoga,  Restorative, Pregnancy, Mother & Baby as well as blended styles and specific classes for Beginners and Pilates

There are also plenty of weekend workshops to choose from

Our teachers are highly qualified and affiliated with reliable yoga institutions such as ‘The British Wheel’ and ‘Yoga Alliance’. Our teachers’ experience gives them an insight and understanding of people’s bodies and individual needs whether physical or mental/emotional

Many of our teachers will offer private one to one sessions for those who are recovering from injury or feel unable to join a class for whatever reason


We have two beautiful studios to hire, both have comfortable room for around 10 – 12 people for a yoga class.  The studios have bamboo floors with underfloor heating, plenty of light and a spacious calm atmosphere. Each studio is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, belts, cushions, bolsters and blankets and chairs for your comfort and relaxation