Stroud Yoga Space offers a variety of different yoga styles.

All yoga has the same set of asanas (postures) in common, but there are different ways of interpreting them, and so we have created descriptions of each style that we offer to help you find a style that appeals to you. Often the best way to discover is to try out a few different styles until you find one that resonates with you. We also have a few different forms of Pilates which are also listed below.

Hatha Flow

In Hatha Flow we move the body with the breathe through simple sequences of postures, connecting to our innate natural rhythm. This calms and focuses the mind, while building strength and flexibility in the body.
Even in still postures we can find a subtle movement, a pulse with the breathe. Getting in touch with this pulsation in the body can begin by simply breathing up and down the spine in a seated position. Here we connect more consciously to the flow of Prana, our life-force. Keeping this connection, we move through the asanas in a flowing order which awakens our vitality whilst also restoring peace, releasing stress from both body and mind.

Our expert practitioners of Hatha Flow

Sarah Cesek

Sarah started practicing yoga as a late-teen and fell in love with it pretty quickly. She loved the energy, the challenge, and the focus it demanded and felt she experienced more and more magic with each class. Her mat became …

Monday 8pm - 9pm Studio 2