Emma Tilley

I practice yoga to keep my mind and body strong and flexible.

My practice adapts to my days and times of year and in this way has grown with me since I began practising Astanga yoga back in 2001.As so many of us do I fell in love with yoga simply for how it made me feel. My thirst for knowledge and understanding led me to take a BWY foundation course with Mara Musso and after several years of consistent practise I began my teacher training diploma with Triyoga in London (with mentor Joey Miles).

I went on to study with Uma Dinsmore Tuli both in pre and post natal yoga. I continue to study each year with various teachers. I feel privileged to be able to hold the space for students to (re)discover how their bodies can move, how they can build strength, flexibility and create ease both in the physical and emotional self, and how all these things are intertwined.

My vinyasa flow classes are physically challenging and fun. You’ll likely work up a sweat, laugh a little along on the way and relax, relax, relax, leaving any worries and cares at the door.

Each month I hold a 90 or 120 minute workshop.

Please email for details, check out the website or my Facebook page.                                  See you on the mat!



Yoga Strength Stamina

A 45-minute session that dials up the heat.
We’ll use lots of movements such as jumping, kicks and dancing about, creating fire to set us up for the week!We’ll use resistance bands (provided) on some days to add in load but we also work with our bodies in various yoga asanas to increase load, creating a stronger, more resilient body.

Note that due to the slightly shorter session time there will only be a brief period of rest at the end. All attendees will be emailed a yoga nidra to practice at home during that week, as balance in life is vital!
Monday 9.15am - 10am Studio 1

Vinyasa Flow

Friday 9.15am - 10.15am Studio 1
Saturday 8am - 9am Studio 2
Saturday 9.15am - 10.15am Studio 2


To book classes or make further enquiries contact the teacher: