Emma Tilley

Emma is a Senior Yoga teacher based in Stroud. She offers classes online everyday, and in person at Stroud Yoga Space.

She is driven to help students find a sense of freedom and enjoyment in their bodies. The creation of strength; a powerful body, a powerful mind, a resilient nervous system, are all key facets in the creation of Emma’s classes. Her style is Vinyasa Flow and can include aspects of strength training, dance and Yoga Nidra.

Emma’s yoga journey began with Ashtanga Yoga back in 2001, and when she found the wonderful Vinyasa Flow teacher Alessandra Pecorella she knew she was on the right track. She trained with Triyoga in London (certified in 2009) under the mentorship of Joey Miles. She has undertaken many subsequent trainings, such as study with Claire Missingham, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Andrew McGonigle and Jenny Rawlings.

She has a keen eye for the latest science news and research into the human mind and body – she commits to being an eternal student with a thirst for knowledge.

Chanting and sound work are important aspects of the practice for Emma and she loves to lead a class into a state of deep peace through this work.

She has an instagram page though she doesn’t use it very much!



Yoga Strength Stamina

A 45-minute session that dials up the heat.
We’ll use lots of movements such as jumping, kicks and dancing about, creating fire to set us up for the week!We’ll use resistance bands (provided) on some days to add in load but we also work with our bodies in various yoga asanas to increase load, creating a stronger, more resilient body.

Note that due to the slightly shorter session time there will only be a brief period of rest at the end. All attendees will be emailed a yoga nidra to practice at home during that week, as balance in life is vital!
Monday 9.15am - 10am Studio 1

Vinyasa Flow

Friday 9.15am - 10.15am Studio 1
Saturday 8am - 9am Studio 2
Saturday 9.15am - 10.15am Studio 2


To book classes or make further enquiries contact the teacher: