Stroud Yoga Space offers a variety of different yoga styles.

All yoga has the same set of asanas (postures) in common, but there are different ways of interpreting them, and so we have created descriptions of each style that we offer to help you find a style that appeals to you. Often the best way to discover is to try out a few different styles until you find one that resonates with you. We also have a few different forms of Pilates which are also listed below.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a practice that moves the body in synchronisation with the breath. The word Vinyasa can translate as ‘to place in a special way’ – our sequences are carefully crafted to give you a full body and mind practice/release. The practice is physically challenging but there are always options for modifications and rest.

You begin your practice on the mat but there are ways to take your yoga off the mat as well. If we take the translation of the word Vinyasa, to place in a special way, we can apply this to our thoughts and actions outside of the studio – how we can place our selves in the best possible way for good work and intentions.

Vinyasa Flow descends from the lineage of T Krishnamacharya (father of TKV Desikachar and teacher of Astanga’s Patthabi Jois).

Our expert practitioners of Vinyasa Flow

Martin Taylor

Martin is a Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher (RYT500). His love of yoga comes from a curiosity about body alignment and posture, and its connection with breath, which stems from a decade of T’ai Chi and Qi Gong practice before he …


Wednesday 6.15pm - 7.30pm Studio 2

Ryan Kerr

Ryan discovered yoga in his late teens, after struggling with his own mental health, brought on after coming out as gay at 13, and facing adversity. He was searching for something to help with the constant feeling of not belonging. …

This teachers currently has no classes