Stroud Yoga Space offers a variety of different yoga styles.

All yoga has the same set of asanas (postures) in common, but there are different ways of interpreting them, and so we have created descriptions of each style that we offer to help you find a style that appeals to you. Often the best way to discover is to try out a few different styles until you find one that resonates with you. We also have a few different forms of Pilates which are also listed below.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient, powerful and transformative form of yoga. “Kundalini” is our energy of potential and the techniques we use, developed over thousands of years, release blockages and open up our energy pathways enabling the right amount of Kundalini energy at the right frequency to flow smoothly through our system. With consistent practise, our mind becomes clearer, our body stronger and more flexible, our energy levels soar and we enable our authentic self to shine through. Profound transformations take place and we live a healthier, happier, more prosperous life.

Each class will be different as we will be focusing on a particular aspect of ourselves each week, however the structure of the class will remain the same and in every class, we work with the breath, yoga postures, mudras, body locks, meditation and mantras.… and all classes will work on strengthening our nervous system and balancing our glandular system, increasing our vitality, and reducing our levels of stress.
A typical class will include:
Tuning in chant
Warm up exercises which will prepare you for the yoga set (kriya) to follow
Kriya – a series of exercises designed to affect a particular aspect of yourself
Deep relaxation
Tuning out chant
Kundalini Yoga is suitable for all levels and ages. Please notify the teacher if you are pregnant.

Our expert practitioners of Kundalini Yoga

Tiger Chadwick

Tiger is a Kundalini yoga teacher who trained Path To Source (200+hours) in Glastonbury in 2020. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and kundalini yoga for more than 5 years. Her experience of kundalini yoga, which is …

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Tuesday 7.30pm - 9pm Studio 2