Our Yoga Studio opened in 2012. A few years later we had the opportunity to expand into the neighbouring building, where we created a cloakroom for our customers and opened a shop to clothe and equip them ready for class!

We noticed all our lovely students arriving to the studio wearing a mix of comfortable clothing, some of it being yoga wear from bigger chains. The idea struck that we could open a shop that specialised in a wide range of ethical clothing and equipment from as close to home as possible and made in as environmentally sound a way as possible too

The process was very inspiring and fun, seeking out small companies and makers, from as close as our local town to as far away as Europe and the US. In the UK we don’t have a strong clothing industry anymore sadly, which forced us to look a little further afield. Even small UK clothing companies often have their goods made in Portugal or other areas in Europe

The suppliers we have chosen we have done so for their commitment to sustainable methods of production and ethical standards for their workers and makers and of course the high quality of clothing and equipment right down to the method of packaging that they use to supply us