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A mini version of our best selling YogiPod yoga bolsters. Still filled with organic buckwheat hulls and beautifully hand printed in Jaipur, just more portable. Think of them as a softer and more squishy block, still supportive just more comfortable.

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The best selling YogiPod yoga bolster’s smaller, cuter sibling!

The mini bolster is the perfect prop for placing under your neck while in savasana, propping the knee in janu sirsasana or supporting your knees in a forward fold. Think of it as a softer block for easing the body onto and finding a release.

This mini bolster is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and encased in a cover made from fabric hand block printed in Jaipur.

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Fretwork Blue, Fretwork Jaipur Pink, Fretwork Grey, Filigree Flower Blue, Filigree Flower Jaipur Pink, Filigree Flower Grey, Tiled Lattice Blue, Tiled Lattice Jaipur Pink, Tiled Lattice Grey


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