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Organic cotton outer cover and organic cotton inner with a zip, filled with either Buckwheat or Spelt.

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We use a sturdy, organic cotton outer cover and organic cotton inner with a zip. The removable cover and internal zip allow you to remove and add stuffing as you require. We pack our bolsters TIGHT. Expect a bit of stretching to occur after the first few uses, i.e. use for a few weeks before you decide to remove any filling. We think it makes a better, longer-lasting bolster. Yes, they are a tad heavier to carry. But, an essential aspect of positive environmental change, is to produce products that last.

Material: Organic cotton, Size: 61 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm Weight: 4.2 kg per bolster

Natural | Ocean | Sunshine Yellow | Apricot : Buckwheat Fill – Our buckwheat hull is sourced from the EU. It is perfect if you want a really firm cushion. The buckwheat is slightly heavier than the spelt by approximately 1 kilo.

Navy | Purple | Berry : Spelt Fill – Our organic spelt husk is from grain that is both grown and milled in UK. Each bolster is packed tightly with springy spelt husk, giving the pillow a firm but soft cushion that moulds to the body.

Both fillings allow you to sink deeply, breathe, and truly relax – feeling entirely supported in your practice.

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Weight 4.2 kg

Natural, Ocean, Sunshine Yellow, Apricot, Navy, Purple, Berry


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