Kate Beatty

Kate took her first yoga class in 1998 whilst studying photography. She found the most beautiful , wise soulful teacher named Irene and she opened the door of yoga and the deep spiritual practice. To this day, Kate considers Irene to be her heart teacher. She was humble, kind, wise and knowledgeable.

Kate became a dedicated student, her path leeding to Iyengar teachers for which she is forever grateful for the discipline and precision but over time she grew tired of the rigidity of the practice and another door opened to the world of Vinyasa Krama.

Over the years Kate spent extended periods of time in India where she immersed herself in the practice.

Kate worked as a photographer for many years and then in 2011 after a cancer diagnosis, decided to change the course of her life and took her first teacher training and has been teaching ever since.

Kate has gone on to train for over 800hours.

In 2021 Kate certified as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher after an in-depth two year training into the teachings of kindness and compassion with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, a course with both psychological and spiritual depth, it has paved the way for work into health care settings and for mindful living. Silence has become an integral part of Kates life and she goes on silent retreats as much as family life allows! All of these practices have helped her to navigate the rich tapestry of life with steadiness and ease and she is grateful to all of her teachers.

In her classes you can expect a holistic experience of mind, body and spirit. Expect flow and mindful movement. Kates classes are both dynamic and rhythmical, always drawing on spiritual contexts, delving deep into the self through pranayama, meditation, asana and relaxation.


Yoga and Meditation

Kate’s classes are a deeply nourishing practice of yoga including strong mindful movement, breath work, cleansing techniques, deep relaxation and meditation. Kate is a long term yoga practitioner and experienced teacher. Her intention is to help her students feel grounded, connect to their inner strength and to bring the heart and mind into balance

Friday 11am - 12pm Studio 1


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