Natasha Ward

Natasha is a 900+ hour accredited Yoga teacher with the following trainings:

– 200 hr intensive Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training in 2014 & 300+ hours of
advanced level TTC with her mentor Jim Harrington in Cape Town
– 300 hour advanced Yoga Synergy TTC with Simon Borg-Oliver in Goa, 2017
– 100 hr advanced level Vinyasa Yoga TTC in 2019 in Bali with Meghan Currie
– A range of short courses including Reiki Healing, adjustments for teachers, Ashtanga
Yoga workshop with Paramaguru Sharath Jois and Yoga for sports training.

Natasha first discovered Yoga in 2011 whilst studying a BA in Theatre & Performance at UCT.
Experiencing a sense of belonging from her first class, she had an intuition that this was not just
what she wanted to do, but what she was destined for in life.
Natashas’ advanced training led her to Rishikesh, India on a Yoga & Meditation retreat, where she
followed practices taught by the Himalayan Institute of Yoga and Meditation. These
principles and breathing techniques are the foundation of her pranayama & meditation
practice that she teaches today.

Returning to India with the desire to go deeper, Natasha embarked on a pilgrimage to the Gomukh
Glacier (source of the Ganga River) which evoked a passion for trekking. She found herself
immersed in the culture for 6 years, joining various treks and teaching on retreats within the
The combined experiences she has gained over the years have resulted in her practice and
teaching methods being infused with a range of approaches – Yoga Synergy being at the

Yoga Synergy has had a profound, healing influence on both Natashas’ practice and
teaching, encouraging her to approach Yoga and life in general with a sense of compassion
(non-violence) and loving kindness. Natashas’ purpose is to spread the healing benefits of Yoga by
creating a safer and more effective practice for the modern body.


Yoga Synergy

My Yoga Synergy classes are strong but gentle, resonating with the Sanskrit term “sthira
sukham asanam” (be firm but calm). I will guide you to establish fluidity and ease in
movements, while developing strength, stability and a steady mind.

The class incorporates a series of spinal movements to mobilise the spine, enhance
blood flow and regulate the nervous system. Through regular practice you will learn
to move the body consciously, one joint at a time by connecting to your centre,
whereby all movements initiate from the navel spine (the core).

Approaching your practice with Ahimsa (non-violence, moving with compassion and loving kindness) by honouring your own boundaries and not forcing beyond the limitations of the
body, can be reflected off the mat in your daily lives.

I encourage students to find comfort in asanas by adjusting the yoga practice to suit your body rather than manipulating your body to fit the posture. Therefore, the class is for all bodies.
Without attaching to the outcomes of your practice and allowing your body to move
freely and naturally, whilst connecting to the natural rhythm of your breath
(diaphragmatic breathing), the class should leave you feeling a sense of Santosha
(complete contentment and satisfaction with where you are in the present moment)

Cost £12 each or 10 classes for £100

“Breathe less, tense less, stretch less, think less” – Simon Borg Olivier

Monday 9.30am - 10.30am Studio 2


To book classes or make further enquiries contact the teacher: