The power of light

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The power of light…
This is the time of year when we perhaps feel the lack of day light most prominently, the clocks have not long gone forward and the weather is unseasonably dull and damp.
This is the perfect time to bring some visualizations on light into your yoga practice.
There are many sequences that access the heart centre and this is a good focus point for inner light and warmth.
Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation is perhaps the most obvious yoga sequence to focus on.
Beginning in Namaste with hands in prayer at the heart, visualise the rising sun in front of you, and as you progress through the movements of the sequence, picture light in your heart, sealing it there at the end of the sequence by placing your right palm over the heart and then the left.

We can bring light into our breath and actions at any time just by closing the eyes, breathing calmly and visualizing light at the heart centre, in the image of a flame or the sun. If visualization is not your thing, then feeling warmth works too.