Tanya De Leersnyder

Tanya De Leersnyder – Iyengar yoga teacher, aromatherapy and deep tissue masseur, and producer of therapeutic aromatherapy products called Kalya.

Yoga pose

“I was a computer programmer of accounting systems in South Africa for 20 years – quite different to my life now! People often used to say I really was not your typical programmer and I felt I needed balance and wanted so much to work with people. We came to settle in the UK 7 years ago and I decided to learn to become an Iyengar yoga teacher (after 12 years of attending weekly classes) and I have never looked back! I LOVE my jobs!
I absolutely love encouraging people and seeing them progress and find the benefits of yoga in their daily lives.
I am a strong believer in holistic health and find that the combination of the products I have developed (www.kalyaproducts.co.uk), the massage I give and Iyengar yoga really works to address the whole person.”

“The attention to detail in alignment and the use of props is what makes Iyengar yoga a little different to most other styles – it is still ultimately based on the ancient traditions and origins of yoga. I have always described going to a yoga class as the one time I can put all my worries and thoughts aside and just devote the time to yoga – I like to call it a form of moving meditation.
Yoga is a wonderful vehicle for peace of mind, focus, mindfulness and physical health and wellbeing. It accesses every part of the body and brings the body and mind into balance. The effects of a yoga session go way beyond the actual class and eventually permeate every aspect of your life.”

Where and when?
Tanya teaches Iyengar Yoga at Stroud Yoga Space on Tuesdays 11.30am, Wednesdays 6.15pm, and Iyengar Yoga for Men on Wednesdays 8.00pm.