To look forward to…

It is springing with Spring right now and with the lighter evenings it’s easier to go out and treat your body and soul to a  nourishing yoga or pilates class

We have an Open Day coming up ” Open Yoga Studio ” on May 10th to coincide with the first weekend of the artists open studios. So while you are wandering around Stroud looking at paintings and pots, come and see us and see what we have to offer….more details about this will follow

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Spring is coming!!

When we have sunny days it reminds us that we are moving forward towards Spring, and thank goodness! At Stroud Yoga Space the environment is always warm and dry, so do come and treat yourself to a relaxing and nurturing session.

As well as yoga classes we have a variety of different things to offer…

Luncntime Meditation classes begin next week at 1.30pm on Fridays with Emma Galton-Fenzi, a great way to de-stress and bring some inner calm to your day.

The Feldenkrais Method is being taught by Iraina Clarke on Fridays at 11am.

A new Pilates class with Anette Holtmeyer-Cole begins on Thursday 27th February at 11.30am.

Somatic Movement classes with Mari Winkelman on Friday afternoons at 5pm and 6.15pm and also with Sally Ridgway on Thursday evenings 7.30pm.

Skeena Rathor holds mother and baby Pilates on Tuesday mornings at 9.45am, she also teaches Pilates Spirit on Thursdays 6-7pm.

Lots of new things happening!

We are nearly at the end of January and there are exciting new additions to our timetable…
We are offering Teenage Yoga on Tuesdays after school, great if you have children coming up to their GCSE’s! Tara is starting a new Dru Yoga class on Tuesday evenings in February, Dru is great for gentle flowing sequences with breath awareness, dynamic subtle energy focus, helping with back issues and finding your centre. Iraina is offering The Feldonkrais Method, exploring through movement, mostly lying down, to help release chronic patterns of tension and habits through internal discovery. Anette Holmeyer-Cole is starting a new Pilates class on Thursday mornings later in February. I am very excited to say that we have Emma Galton-Fenzi starting Meditation classes next week…we all need a bit of help finding the quiet place within! These will be early on Friday evenings so that you can welcome your weekend refreshed having mentally let go of your week!

Happy New Year!

We are back to yoga business tomorrow…6th January. It’s amazing how out of practice you can get after 2 weeks of celebrating! At the deepest time of the season, when there is no urgency to rise in the morning, it’s easy to luxuriate beneath the sheets for an extra hour or 2. Our routine set aside, we often sleep, eat and drink more than usual, which is enjoyable and how it should be when we celebrate Christmas with family and friends. But now is the time when we want to detox, get fit and focus on our bodies and health once again. It’s wonderful to have a fresh new year ahead, it can feel like starting over! We have lots of great Yoga and Pilates classes over the next few months so keep an eye on the Classes and Workshop pages for updates…also you could “like” our Facebook page… Happy New Year!

Mari Winkelman

Mari Winkelman, Somatic Movement practitioner and therapist.


“I began working life in publishing and conference organising in London before I awoke to my soul urging me to connect more deeply into my humanity. I volunteered for Samaritans and worked as a young persons substance misuse support worker before qualifying as a counsellor. I eventually undertook an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing.
I cannot not practice, this is a way of life for me! I practice creating time and space for my bodymind to communicate; for example, as I walk from A to B, as I work on the computer, as I eat and drink, as I offer my sessions and as I interact with other people. It’s my calling to keep showing up, offering a space for myself and others to experience this innate and life-supporting relationship.”

“For a Western industrialised culture with constant body-objectification on most channels, somatic movement is a radical and very healing practice.
My work is informed by experiential anatomy (that is, feeling and moving from guided awareness of the anatomical systems and structures) which takes us into the mind of the body. I use guided meditation techniques with breath to evoke the inner witness in each person, before setting a course into a particular aspect of bodymind, for instance, the bone tissues and structures, and interweave notions of grounding, containment, form, and invite awareness of sensations and shapes. I always invite people to go with their flow, to take my suggestions if they feel right, and to stay with and develop their own experience as they feel invited to by their body, just as it is.”

Where and When?
Mari teaches an intro to Somatic Movement at Stroud Yoga Space on Wednesdays at 1pm and Fridays at 5pm. For those with some experience of Somatic Movement (or similar) she hold a session called finding Home in your Body on Fridays at 6.15pm. — with Mari Winkelman.

Tanya De Leersnyder

Tanya De Leersnyder – Iyengar yoga teacher, aromatherapy and deep tissue masseur, and producer of therapeutic aromatherapy products called Kalya.

Yoga pose

“I was a computer programmer of accounting systems in South Africa for 20 years – quite different to my life now! People often used to say I really was not your typical programmer and I felt I needed balance and wanted so much to work with people. We came to settle in the UK 7 years ago and I decided to learn to become an Iyengar yoga teacher (after 12 years of attending weekly classes) and I have never looked back! I LOVE my jobs!
I absolutely love encouraging people and seeing them progress and find the benefits of yoga in their daily lives.
I am a strong believer in holistic health and find that the combination of the products I have developed (, the massage I give and Iyengar yoga really works to address the whole person.”

“The attention to detail in alignment and the use of props is what makes Iyengar yoga a little different to most other styles – it is still ultimately based on the ancient traditions and origins of yoga. I have always described going to a yoga class as the one time I can put all my worries and thoughts aside and just devote the time to yoga – I like to call it a form of moving meditation.
Yoga is a wonderful vehicle for peace of mind, focus, mindfulness and physical health and wellbeing. It accesses every part of the body and brings the body and mind into balance. The effects of a yoga session go way beyond the actual class and eventually permeate every aspect of your life.”

Where and when?
Tanya teaches Iyengar Yoga at Stroud Yoga Space on Tuesdays 11.30am, Wednesdays 6.15pm, and Iyengar Yoga for Men on Wednesdays 8.00pm.