Noemie Fontenelle

My calling to teach stems from a place of reverence at the wisdom stored within our bodies and a passion to meet people in this place. My yoga practice, grown across the last 10 years of my life, has led me into the philosophy of Shaiva Tantra and the physical practice of Krama Vinyasa, which have become deeply embedded both on a personal and professional level.

I’m passionate about self-discovery and growth on a subtle body level, through the exploration of the mind-body connection, yoga philosophy, asana, chanting and pranayama. Inclusivity & accessibility are at the heart of my offerings; I advocate for a more expansive and beautiful life for each, rooted in love and compassion.


500h AYTTC in Shaiva Tantra Krama Vinyasa Yoga; Sarah Harlow & Sam Buckey

60h Yoga Tantra Chakra Immersion Course; Sarah Harlow

60h In Depth Anatomy and Adjustment Course; Sarah Harlow & Sam Buckey & Chris Gladwell

200h YTTC Hatha Yoga; Gaurav Malik & Kate Osman


Soulful Hatha Yoga

Vibrant. Empowering. Integrated.

An invitation to nourish yourself through steady practice. You can expect a dynamic beginning to enliven your nervous system energising you on a physical and more subtle level.

A focus on growing your practice from a place of awareness. Becoming attuned to what is alive within you in each moment, allowing you to express your individuality within your movement. You will be encouraged to connect with your unique rhythm through meditative reflection – empowering you to make this practice your own.

Finishing with some restorative postures and final Savasana with the intention to unravel deep feelings of spaciousness, balance and peace.

Come as you are – all levels welcome

(In person & online)


  • In-person: Single class £12, 5 class pack £50 (use within 12 weeks) 
  • Online: Single class £7, unlimited class pack £30 (use within 4 weeks) 

Booking method: manual booking via email or phone.

Wednesday 7.30am - 8.30am Studio 2


To book classes or make further enquiries contact the teacher: