Emma Taylor

Emma is a certified Junior Intermediate 2 Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She founded and ran the Essence of Yoga Studio in Sydney, Australia for 10 years before moving with her family to Stroud, UK in 2017. She now teaches classes, workshops and retreats in Stroud and the surrounding area.
Her love for yoga began in early 2000 during travels through India where she spent time living and studying at a yoga ashram. Two years later she completed a Hatha yoga teacher training course and later furthered her studies by undertaking pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher training. In 2006 she met Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Glenn Ceresoli and his wife Margaret Ceresoli. This encounter was transformational for her practice, teaching, personal and spiritual life. Inspired to share this work with others, she completed their International Iyengar Teacher Training, went on to qualify as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher and over the following decade continued mentorship with Margaret. Each year she goes on retreat to study intensively with Margaret and Glenn and attends regular training in the UK with Senior 3 Iyengar teacher, Judi Sweeting. She remains dedicated to the path of yoga as a means of developing strength, flexibility and balance and restoring spiritual well-being.
Although her main focus has always been Iyengar Yoga, she am also a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and has studied a course in Ayurvedic Lifestyle to complement and enrich her yoga practice and teaching. She currently divides her time between looking after her two young children, Rumi and Lila, teaching, Yoga studies and discovering the beauty and nature of the Cotswolds.


General Iyengar Yoga

For people with some Iyengar yoga experience or those who have completed a Beginners Course. It is designed to develop and extend asana practice. Students continue to consolidate the basics, and are introduced to a wider range of poses. Classes will include backbends, shoulderstand and start to build a foundation for headstand. Basic pranayama and yoga philosophy will also be introduced. The class is challenging but taught in a safe and methodical way.

What is Iyengar Yoga:

Iyengar Yoga is a methodical and deeply researched system, emphasising precision and alignment, planned sequencing and progression, timing and the use of props. This approach to yoga has allowed people of varying ages, levels of health and fitness to enjoy the benefits of a sustained yoga practice. During the class, students are encouraged to focus on postural alignment, not only for the alignment of one body part with another, but also as a means of restoring balance and harmony to the breath, mind, emotions and senses. Consistent practice builds physical and mental strength and flexibility, deepens conscious awareness and enables one to navigate the modern world with greater stability, clarity and inner peace.

Classes are run as course modules. Please contact Emma for pricing, dates and booking.

Monday 6.15pm - 7.45pm Studio 1
Thursday 7.30pm - 9pm Studio 1

Iyengar Restorative – monthly

The key feature of this practice is the use of ‘yoga props’ such as bolsters, blankets, straps and chairs to fully support the student. The session features less poses than a general class and encourages longer, quieter holds. Deep relaxation can replenish the body and mind, enhance sleep, bring greater clarity and focus, release muscle tension and balance the nervous system. Iyengar restorative classes are beneficial for all, but can be particularly effective for anyone feeling tired, stressed, or recovering from illness or injury
Suitable for all levels
Cost £15
Sunday 5pm - 6.30pm Studio 1


To book classes or make further enquiries contact the teacher: