Yoga Synergy’s Air Sequence with Natasha Ward

Discover Yoga Synergy’s Air Sequence, the fourth of 5 sequences in the Yoga Synergy method, designed to lighten the body and spirit, as we move out of the winter and into the spring and summer. Air (Vaayu – in Ayurverdic terms), represents “wind”, the “backdrop” of our environment. It is the second lightest element, next to Ether, in that we can perceive it through sight and touch. Air sequence is practiced with the intention to move stagnant energy from the winter months, bringing lightness to being and preparing the body for the warmer weather to come.

Familiarise yourself with Yoga Synergy’s fundamental Spinal movements and then float your way through some of the Air Sequence postures in this two hour workshop, enhancing mobility and movement through the body with lightness and ease.

This workshop is suitable for every body, from absolute beginners to seasoned Yoga practitioners, offering simple to more complex options and modifications for you to adapt the practice to suit your body.

Cost: £20