Yoga Synergy Fundamentals with Tash

Embark on a transformative journey through the Yoga Synergy Fundamentals Sequence in this 90 minute workshop suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned yogis.

Join us as we explore the core principles, with the introductory sequence of the Yoga Synergy method. Designed to unlock physical and mental tension while fostering a deep connection between breath and movement.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to breathe and move seamlessly from your core with Yoga Synergy’s spinal movements, unlocking both physical and mental tension.
  • Dive deep into the theory and principles behind the basic movements of the Yoga Synergy practice.
  • Embody the practice, experiencing the physical and energetic effects to build towards a flowing and meditative state.
  • Journey fluidly through the Fundamentals standing and floor postures, preparing your body for the final relaxation and meditation.
  • Find stillness and ease during seated meditation after gentle spinal movements.
Whether you’re a newcomer to yoga, a seasoned practitioner exploring Yoga Synergy for the first time, or a teacher looking to deepen your practice, this workshop promises to leave you fully satisfied with the outcome of your practice and content in the present moment. Join us for an enriching experience that goes beyond the mat and connects mind, body, and breath in harmony.
Cost – £15