Somatic journey into Front Splits with Yuliya Andrews

Thank you so much for choosing to attend this workshop and practice with me.

Learn how I went from prolapse, misaligned pelvis, limited mobility to fully open, healed, strong hips.

This workshop is for Yoga teachers as well as yoga/pilates/pole/ bare practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of hips area from the anatomical as well as energetic & emotional point of view. Learn how to unlock the power of your hips in a safe, conscious, balanced and intelligently sequenced way. Find deeper connection to Self through understanding your emotional pain body and how your body constellates it.

From the anatomical perspective we will look at which areas of our body need deeper flexibility & which need strengthening, learn about passive mobility/active flexibility, dynamic & static movement …

From emotional standpoint we will learn about Pain body and how it effects our mobility.

From energetic standpoint we will learn about Root and Sacral chakras as the key to emotional & physical wellbeing of our pelvis.

What we will cover:

A discussion of anatomy to develop an understanding of what is happening inside the body
Learning about Pelvis as a powerful energetic, metaphysical area of our body.
Learn about connection between tight Hips and Trapped Emotions and ways of releasing stagnant energy.
Understanding the importance of correct breathing, using Bandhas (body locks )
Understanding of the role Nervous system plays in flexibility.
Learn how flexibility is gained through various methods of stretching and which are the most effective for splits
Understanding of Passive Flexibility & Active Mobility.
After a discussion of the theory behind it, we start the movement. Expect a balance of dynamic movements as well as softness and stillness as we put these flexibility concepts to the test
Variations of splits will be moved through Standing Splits and Front Splits
Learn safe and comfortable methods to practice your splits at YOUR level of flexibility
Learn where the ‘edge’ is to keep your practice safe and prevent injury
Being flexible is NOT a requirement for this workshop. This workshop is for those who want to gain deeper knowledge about Hips/Pelvis area, learn how to improve their flexibility & general mobility.

Workshop Length: 2.5 hours

Cost £39