Thai massage – Indonesian massage

Thai massage

Traditional thai massage is an ancient system of healing with roots in Yoga, ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practise. This unique and complete system of yoga therapy combines firm rhythmic massage, acupressure, twisting and stretching in a meditative, flowing, harmonious body massage. Carried out fully clothed on a futon mattress on the floor, thai massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind body and spirit.


Indonesian massage

This unique and powerful massage originates from the spice islands of Indonesia, and has been handed down through generations to balance the body and restore vitality.

This is the perfect choice if you wish to have long, strong and firm massage techniques, and to boost poor circulation and low energy. It incorporates firm, fluid and rhythmic movements designed to remove tension from the body and soothe and smooth out overworked muscles. Stretches and pulls, manipulations and twists are also used to brilliant effect on the spine.