Shamanic healing & massage

Suitable for those who prefer a hands-on approach to treatment. We work on a physical level with the massage and on an energetic level with the healing.
I use oil and generate a rhythmical flowing technique, incorporating some deep tissue work where needed.
As you relax, your energy body starts to offer information: some extraction of heavy energies as well as healing can happen as a part of the massage process.

In the first session I listen to your account of your past and present issues and this helps me to help you. We acknowledge the stories you carry with you and do not engage with them as you might with talking therapy. On an energetic level we take the sting out of those stories, helping you to relax and reconnect.

The extent to which your treatment comprises mostly massage or mostly shamanic healing depends entirely on what you feel comfortable with…and on what emerges from our preliminary check-in.

I continue to offer Shamanic Healing as a treatment in its own right as well.

Treatment prices

1st Massage Treatment – 90 minutes £65 – history, massage with shamanic healing

Subsequent Massage Treatments – 60 minutes £45 – massage with shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing Treatment – up to 2 hours in depth energetic work: extractions, soul retrieval, destiny retrieval – £85