Traditional 5 element Acupuncture / Zero Balancing / Reiki Healing

Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture – Traditional Acupuncture aims to balance and revitalise the flow of Chi energy through the body, to support and nourish you in the best way possible. Regular treatment will help to ease pain, eliminate illness and replenish your general levels of energy, to help you look and feel better and have the energy you need to get on with the life you want.

Zero Balancing – using a series of gentle stretches and holds, through
clothing, to the structure of the body, ZB (pronounced ZeeBee) allows your body
to relax and release held tension, enabling you to move with greater
freedom and ease. Useful when feeling stressed, restricted and holding pain and tension in the body.

Reiki Healing – uses a light focussed touch, through clothing to invite deep rest and relaxation for the body, mind and emotions. Deeply relaxing and soothing, especially when dealing with any emotional trauma.

Facial treatments – Classic Facial or Natural Lift Facial Massage – both providing essential care, nourishment and blissful relaxation for the part of our bodies which takes the stresses of life head on.


Initial consultation    £50.00

Follow up treatments £40.00

Other therapies:   £40.00

Mini sessions:      £25.00

Treatment Packages and Gift Cards also available.