Iyengar Restorative – monthly

This 90 min candlelit session will give you space to deeply relax and slowly unwind. Take time to nurture your body, soothe the nervous system and quieten your mind.  A practice of self-care can help us to navigate life with more energy, steadiness and clarity.

A key feature of this practice is the use of ‘yoga props’ such as bolsters, blankets, straps to fully support the student. The session features less poses than a general class and encourages longer, quieter holds.

Beneficial for anyone feeling tired, stressed or recovering from illness and injury. Can be used before bedtime to assist with sleep.
Suitable for all levels.
Please contact Emma for pricing and booking
Dates for 2023…
23rd April
14th May
11th June
9th July
10th September
8th October
12th November
10th December