General Iyengar Yoga

This evening class is an invitation to come home to yourself. It can help to relieve some of the accumulated physical and mental stresses of the day, so that you leave feeling more refreshed, focused and relaxed.
During the class, we will become more present and more aware of the conditioned habits and patterns that can cause imbalance and restrictions. We will focus on postural alignment, not only for the alignment of one body part with another, but also as a means of restoring balance and harmony to the breath, mind, emotions and senses.
We will often incorporate yoga props, which can be used to build strength and flexibility in a controlled way, and ensure everyone can experience the energy and essence of the pose.
The sequencing of asanas will help you establish a safe, effective and strong foundation in your yoga practice. The lessons will include basic poses as well as more challenging poses to further the learning of each individual. 
Whether a beginner, limited in movement or more experienced in practice, this class will ensure you can work at your level.
Please contact Emma for pricing, dates and booking.