Stroud Yoga Space offers a variety of different yoga styles.

All yoga has the same set of asanas (postures) in common, but there are different ways of interpreting them, and so we have created descriptions of each style that we offer to help you find a style that appeals to you. Often the best way to discover is to try out a few different styles until you find one that resonates with you. We also have a few different forms of Pilates which are also listed below.

Modern Pilates

First devised by Joseph Pilates (born 1883) in the early 20th century. He helped improve his own health, and then went on to help re-habilitate injured soldiers in the war and then later to work with helping dancers. This method has been brought into the 21st century developed by physiotherapists and fitness experts to help re-balance the body by improving posture, muscle strength, flexibility and what is also sometimes referred to as ‘core stability’. The slow and controlled movements can also help to relieve stress and tension, help with some back issues and improve body awareness and confidence.

A combination of standing, seated, and lying down exercises.

Suitable for beginners upwards as many people from the very fit to not fit at all can benefit from this balancing approach.