Stroud Yoga Space offers a variety of different yoga styles.

All yoga has the same set of asanas (postures) in common, but there are different ways of interpreting them, and so we have created descriptions of each style that we offer to help you find a style that appeals to you. Often the best way to discover is to try out a few different styles until you find one that resonates with you. We also have a few different forms of Pilates which are also listed below.

Dru Yoga drop in

Dru Yoga focuses on Breath awareness with Flowing movements, both Gentle and Dynamic, building Strength and Flexibility, Energy block release sequences, Pranayama practices and Relaxation techniques to still the body and mind, bringing about a sense of Peace and Well being.

In this shorter class we move more energetically to build strength and vitality followed by a lovely relaxation ( savasana )


Our expert practitioners of Dru Yoga drop in

Rachel Mellish

Dru Yoga Teacher dip: Dru Yoga Meditation Teacher dip. YOGIYOU dip. Dru Yoga combines flowing Energy Block Release sequences and postures designed to free the body, bringing strength, flexibility and balance to the whole. Dru focuses on the health of …

Dru Yoga ‘drop in’

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Studio 1

Dru Yoga ‘drop in’ ( no class 6th Sept )

Friday 9.30am - 10.45am Studio 2