Yoga for Peri-Menopausal and Menopausal women with Lisa Taylor

  • Are you entering the Autumn phase of your journey as a Woman ?
  • Are you experiencing challenging symptoms which may be associated with Peri Menopause/Menopause?
  • Would you love to receive the support of other Women also making this transition ?
  • Would you enjoy to learn Yoga techniques to give you the inner resources to deal with all that Menopause brings ?
  • Would you enjoy to feel a sense of empowerment and celebration in honouring this Time ?The group meets for 13 Moons and is led by Lisa Taylor, (Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist). Lisa has also been working with Marshal Rosenburg’s technique and embodiment of Non Violent Communication (Empathy, Feelings and Needs) for many years and she is experienced in Emotional Freedom Technique

Our sessions together will include :

  • Breathing Techniques to cool the body or to enhance energy levels, as required.
  • Yoga Postures that boost the immunity and particular emphasis on supporting the Liver and the Adrenals.
  • Yoga Postures to bring balance to the Hormonal System.
  • Yoga Nidra for calming the nervous system and deep healing on all levels. Also known to alleviate Insomnia.
  • Sharing and Listening to the experiences and feelings/needs of other women and feeling “heard” and “seen”, witnessed and held in the Circle of Women.
  • Sampling of Beneficial Herbal teas – to include Nettle, Motherwort and Sage. Also snacks which are particularly nutritious for the Menopause, to include Maca Root energy balls and “Feel Good Cake”

Cost: £25 early bird  /  £30 thereafter

Contact Lisa for further information