Yin Yoga workshop with Elles Theulen

Yin Yoga Workshop with Elles Theulen

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice of long held, passive poses to induce calm, release the joints and restore the vital organs, making us feel light, open and refreshed.

In this series of workshops we will explore the beneficial effects of yin yoga poses on the deeper tissues that surround the joints to increase mobility. Each workshop will also highlight a set of meridians that is influenced by the shapes we take.
The workshops start with an introduction to its particular theme, followed by a full yin yoga session to experience the theory in real time.
The series is designed to include all elements of yin yoga. However each workshop is a balanced unit in and of itself, so they can be done individually just as well. They are suitable for all abilities, though some experience of yoga is recommended.

Elles is a mature yoga teacher who has trained extensively with Sarah Powers, one of the founders of yin yoga. She brings together a thorough understanding of our anatomy and the healing potential of bringing awareness to the body and mind.
1. A Full Body Experience of Yin Yoga (1 October)
Poses to include all the joints and meridians that are affected by yin yoga.

2. The Kidney and Bladder (19 November)
With poses that focus on the lower spine, front hips, back of the legs.

3. The Liver and Gallbladder (21 January)
Outward rotation of the hips and lengthening the side body.

4. The Spleen and Stomach (4 March)
With poses to open the front body, inner thighs and twists to engage the whole spine.

5. Heart, Lungs and Intestines (13 May)
Poses to release the upper back, chest and shoulders.

£22 per workshop (or £100 for all five)
This includes a copy of the yin yoga sequence after each workshop.
Advance booking only.