Yin Yoga – Feeling Anatomy with Elles Theulen

An hour and a half of lush and leisurely Yin Yoga practice preceded by an in-depth look at our anatomy through 3-D images, focusing on a different area each workshop.
Visuals can really help you feel your way into your own body and gain a direct understanding of what is going on in there. It gives you a map to travel inward with.
The slow pace of Yin Yoga makes it the perfect vehicle for this embodiment of anatomy, and the practice itself is a form of mindfulness.
Yin Yoga is an excellent practice to help us reach into ourselves. We get lots of time to feel, to adjust, to be with the sensations that arise. It is time itself that allows deep tissue to release and give joints more breathing space.
In the gentle less-is-more approach of Yin we look for pleasure rather than pain and within it we find a wonderful opportunity to heal.
The workshops are suitable for all abilities, though some experience of yoga is recommended.
7 October – The Fascia, Network of the Whole Body
18 November – The Architecture of the Hips and Pelvis
20 January – The Intricacies of the Shoulders
3 March – The Pathway of the Spine
19 May – Anatomy of the Breath
£22 per workshop, or £100 for all five.
This includes a copy of the Yin Yoga sequence after each workshop.
Advance booking only.