The Art of Sound with Emma Tilley

A two-hour session to explore the use of yoga chants and sound with Emma Tilley. We’ll begin with the simple sound of Bhramari breath (humming bee) and from there, we’ll look at several different chants, exploring how they make us feel and how they might be used.

We’ll look at the meaning of each chant, it’s origin and what our intention is when we sing it. We’ll also look at why chanting is beneficial.

If you’ve never chanted before and struggle with sound or your voice we’ll look at these issues too and see how we can free our voices.

As well as specific chants we’ll also look at more non-specific sounds and how (and why!) these can be incorporated with movement/yoga asanas.

This workshop is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced. This workshop could also be useful to yoga teachers wanting to bring chanting or sound work into their classes.

Email Emma for details and to book.