Sun Salutations for Home Practice

Sequence of yoga positions

Having a home practice is a great way to improve your understanding of what yoga means for you. A home practice means that rather than just attending one class a week you can continue to learn while on the mat at home and watch how your body and mind develop during your practice.

We can often find obstacles in the way of our home practice. One of these being simply, what do you do, what sequence of postures? You roll your mat out, you set yourself up with a bit of time to dedicate to your yoga and then you sit down and then, where do you go next? The time spent thinking what to do next means you may lose focus (and end up thinking about what’s happening in Eastenders or what’s for dinner!) and can’t relax and immerse yourself into the practice.

One way to develop a home practice is with Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Sun Salutations come in a variety of forms but are essentially a group of postures (e.g. tadasana, uttansana, plank, chaturanga, urdhva mukha svanasana, adho mukha svanasana and lunges) linked together that flow with the breath and repeat as you salute to the sun.

This two hour workshop with Emma Tilley aims to give you the skills to access these postures during a home practice. To know how to modify them as necessary and practice safely. We will look at modifying the salutations to give you a short practice and a longer practice.

Cost: £15 (advance booking is essential to confirm a space)

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