Somatic Yin Yoga – Subtle Movement for Deep Tissue Release with Elles Theulen

The integration of Somatic Movement into Yin Yoga means that we use subtle, gentle movements to help ease our bodies into the most comfortable yin yoga pose.

With a roll of the head, gentle rocking of the pelvis, a light rotation in the arm, leg or shoulder, we seek out those areas that feel restricted and tease our way into the release of deep tissue.

It moulds the yin yoga poses around our own body’s needs and enhances the awareness for the sensations that unfold in the finest detail.

In my experience it is the most pleasurable way of doing yoga: restful, respectful, inquisitive, delightful. You come away feeling light, open, grounded and present.

In the workshop we will first take a closer look at what this ‘deep tissue’ (also called fascia or connective tissue) actually is. With a better understanding of what holds our body together we can then enter even more deeply into a nourishing and relaxing Somatic Yin Yoga sequence.

Cost: £22 (pre-booking only)