Monthly Yin Yoga with Jay Foo

A quiet, calming, earth-bound practice, in Yin Yoga we slow things down, stretch deeply and breathe to unlock and ease tightness held in your body and mind. Poses are held for up to 5 minutes, targeting the deeper tissues of the body to encourage and enhance energy flow.

This simple practice steadies the mind, reduces stress/anxiety, promotes clarity and the ability to find flow and ease in your life. In the body it supports your immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves the quality of your sleep and gives you more energy to enjoy your life. But more than that, Yin Yoga encourages you to let go of any goals or ambitions and just ‘be’ in the pose, finding stillness and deep relaxation. By ‘being’, we enable stillness to arrive in the physical body. Through this stillness, we create space to witness the sensations in the body and fluctuations of mind, emotions and breath.

Come exactly as you are. Leave feeling lighter, relaxed and ready to ease into your week. Suitable for all levels. Mats, bolsters, blocks and props provided. We will finish with yummy treats and tea.

Investment: £20 per person.