Sacred Sound Currents with Georgina Anand

Exploring yogic song

The universe vibrates as sound waves, from the primordial tone of creation; manifesting time and space, taking form in the present moment. The cosmic sound, the Naad, has been ridden by yogis and sages spanning the ages; tones, mantras, chant and song building up powerful and harmonious healing energies. We are blessed, at the grassroots of a new era, to explore yogic song, rooted in prayerful devotion. These ancient practices are flowering anew through modern yogic culture and assisting to harness the enlightened energies of the Aquarian Age.

Sacred sound currents penetrate our innermost being, cutting through energetic buildup, clearing pathways and soothing every cell. Journeying with the breath and turning the mind’s eye inwards, we will explore Sanskrit and Gurmukhi mantras in Bhakti prayer and Kundalini Yoga song. Building a temple of sound currents around the heart; we sing for peace, for divine love, for guidance and strength. Singing together makes the journey all the more blissful. We send out waves of truth for grounding and centering, together, in these times of great change. No previous experience necessary, just bring an open heart. Sat Nam

Georgina Anand is a Yoga Therapist based in Nailsworth, she has been practicing yoga in a variety of forms for 16 years alongside a deep exploration of yogic philosophy. She is a certified teacher with Yoga Alliance having qualified in Rishikesh, India in 2011. She is initiated into the path of Kriya Yoga, which she practices daily with Kundalini Yoga. As a mother of three, Kirtan and singing mantras have soothed, strengthened and healed, through challenging times.

Cost £15 ( Concessions £12 )