Root and Rise Yoga Journey with Nia Danu

Root & Rise Yoga is a form that connects us to our our Chakra System & the Nature Elements ~ helping us to balance, activate & utilise the powers that we have within. The Asanas, music, spoken suggestions, sounds & aromatherapy are mapped for a holistic experience.

The practice is grounded in the Hatha Yoga form & is woven together with fluid movements to enhance the flow of Chi (life force energy) & to bring flexibility & freedom to the spine. Influenced by free form dance, intuitive movement & Calligraphy Yoga ~ developed by Master Zhen Hua Yang, which is a fusion of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, & the shapes in Chinese Calligraphy. Nia is inspired to bring fluidity & awareness of energy into the practice to help us to move with authenticity, sensitivity & gentle power.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and will be a deeply relaxing & activating journey. It will include –

Hand Mudras
Vocal Toning
Free flow movement practices
Live sounds
Flower Essence Elixirs (optional)

Nia began her yoga journey 14 years ago. Her practice, along with her study & work with holistic therapies lead her to discover deeper experiences in the body & connection to spirit. Since then she has explored & studied the teachings of many forms of yoga, meditation, dance & marshall arts. She is a certified yoga teacher & trained at Pacha Mama in Costa Rica with Adya & Will, who share the deep healing effects of yoga, movement & ritual.

“I’m humbled & I feel honoured to have opportunities to guide soulful experiences for us. I love to create safely held & magical spaces to be in, so that we can come home to our bodies, spirits & our connection with the earth”

Price £15

Contact –

07580 125349