Rest and Restore with Sam Bullingham

As we move slowly out of the depth of winter and witness the first signs of spring, I invite you to take some time to feel this within you. Can you sense a stirring? Would you like to harness this gentle creative energy? Join this 90 minute embodied yin session. Embodied Yin Yoga is all about slowing down, but it’s not about getting stuck (staying completely still in a pose and feeling like you can’t move)! You will be guided into longer held, restorative shapes (postures), but you will also be guided to find freedom and movement within and between these shapes/poses. Movements are slower-paced than a ‘regular yoga’ class and emphasis is placed on a mindful and curious approach to your practice. Props are used to help relieve and support the release of your body. The session will conclude with an extended rest leaving you deeply rested and energised.
If you’ve not got to rush back, why not stay for a cup of herbal tea to ease yourself into Sunday!