Open to Self

man in sunset

Open to Self – Open to Life

When we are open to our totality, and accepting of the whole of ourselves – warts and all, we can surrender into a deep connection with all aspects of ourselves. From this place of deep connection, we become free to extend the acceptance of all outside of ourselves. Basking in this state of acceptance opens us up to the possibility of fearlessly connecting with life itself.

Using Kundalini Yoga as the foundation, this workshop is an exploration into what it is that prevents us from truly accepting ourselves; and what therefore prevents us from experiencing the full richness of life.
Join Kathryn Francis and Amanda Lyons as we share the supportive teachings of Yogi Bhajan in a safe and nourishing space.

Saturday 20th July
2pm until 5pm
£22 and £18 concession

For more information feel free to email Amanda at