Mothers Day – The Gift of Yoga with Emma Taylor

Mother’s Day ‘Return To Wholeness’ 
Give the gift of yoga. 

“There comes a time when all that she does for others MUST be balanced with tending to her own well-being — for her own spirit, body and heart as well as those she nourishes.”  Lisa Mcrohan

For most Mothers, the greatest gift they could receive is the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and be deeply nourished; to take time out from all the responsibilities, plans and schedules and be fully present. This 90 minute Mother’s Day session is for all ‘Mother’ figures, biological or not. It is to celebrate all female carers and  nurturers. 
The class will focus on postures for women’s health and wellbeing and conclude will a deeply restful Savasana (pose of relaxation). 
Participants will leave feeling refreshed, energised, calmer and more centred. 
The timing of the class will work well for those going onto a special Sunday brunch or lunch. 
 Suitable for beginners. 
Investment: £10. Gift vouchers on request