Fundraiser: Sanctuary with Emma Tilley

A Slow Flow restorative session to raise funds for Stroud Women’s Refuge, Gloucestershire’s only women’s refuge.

A beautiful early evening candle-lit session. We’ll spend a little time connecting to the present, observing how we feel both physically and emotionally. We’ll then move through a short slow-flow sequence to help unlock tension and prepare us to come down to the ground and be held in restorative, supported postures, with the use of yoga props.

We will meditate on our movement and breath to bring us a little bit of peace in our increasingly busy world. 90-minutes of Slow Flow and Restorative will be like hitting the refresh button to restore you to your natural beautiful state. We’ll also include some breathing techniques that you can use out of class to help you stay as calm as you can in the face of stress and struggle.

All money paid for this class will go to Stroud Women’s Refuge. Suggested donation of between £10-15.
Please pay online via the donation page below, prior to the session, to ensure you have a space.


Booking essential.