Family Flow with Emma Tilley

A yoga class where adults can attend and bring their children along to practice with them. You’d need to be able to know that your children are likely to participate/have an interest. I’d probably say from around age 4 up to teens but it depends on the child of course and you know better than anyone else. (note it would not be childrens’ yoga with games etc but more of a general class, just open to your children as well). It may not be the most peaceful class you’d attend but it could be fun to share it with your kids. And maybe give you some sequences you could practice at home with them (even doing Savasana with them is a really great thing, I’d show you how to adjust them etc, and in turn they can be let loose to adjust you!).

£11 for one adult and one child (extra children charged at £1 but number of extras is limited by space so email to discuss), payable in advance. Email Emma to book.