Facial Exercises for gorgeous skin at any age – with Jane Mann

You exercise your body, why not your face?

How would you like to tone your facial contours, minimise the appearance of fine lines and maintain a fresh and youthful look?

You can slow the appearance of signs of aging and soften the ones that have already appeared, as well as lifting a sagging jawline with some simple exercises which fit neatly into your daily life.

Because the way skin is cared for affects the rate of aging, appropriate skin care will be discussed too.

There will be a talk about the benefits of facial exercise, followed by a Radiant Skin Workshop for those who would like further information.

If there is enough interest, a regular class is planned to be held at the Stroud Yoga Space.


Book the talk £5

Workshop & talk £12

Jane is an accredited Dr Hauschka Esthetician and organic skin care specialist. Practicing as The Organic Beautician, she performs wonderfully relaxing facial treatments that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished, and you feeling relaxed, yet invigorated! Targeting the skin as the body’s largest organ of elimination and with particular respect to the Lymphatic system, the Dr Hauschka treatments are both luxurious and health giving. Facial gymnastics, if regularly practiced allow for graceful and beautifully balanced aging.