Exploring the Chakra System through Yin Yoga with Sam Bullingham

A series of workshops on The Chakra System

Would you like to help bring greater (and lasting) health, happiness and vitality into your life?
Chakras are thought to govern our behaviour and emotions and express our desires. They are a roadmap to the energetic knowledge we store in our subtle body. These workshops are designed to give you knowledge about The Chakra System so that you are able to identify imbalances within your own energetic body, ultimately bringing greater balance and harmony

What you can expect from the workshops:
– A short introduction to the chakra (including location, element, mantra, colour etc).
– An affirmation/mantra and meditation
– Pranayama (breath work)
– A yin* yoga practice focused on the prolonged holding of 5-8 simple yoga postures designed to activate the chakra
* The prolonged holding of a few simple postures allow the muscles to relax, taking the posture’s effects from the superficial to the deeper layers of the body. As you become more still and quiet you will find time to explore the inner and outer workings of your body
– A final savasana (deep relaxation)

These workshops are designed to be attended either as a series or as stand alone workshops. You do not need to have practiced yoga before as you will be supported in each workshop to bring health to the body/mind system

19th January, 10-12: Chakra One: Support, Connect, Ground
15th March, 10-12: Chakra Two: Enjoy, Flow, Create, Feel
17th May, 10-12: Chakra Three: Courage, Confident, Core
12th July, 10-12: Chakra Four: Love, Give, Accept
13th September, 10-12: Chakra Five: Truth, Clarity, Expression
8th November, 10-12: Chakra Six: Vision, Insight, Intuition

Investment: £22 per workshop (or £120 for all six)
Advanced booking only