Anatomy of Breathing for Teachers of Movement


A workshop for teachers of movement, serious students and therapists.

Wesley Tan BOst Bsc – Osteopath, Kung Fu instructor and yogi

Cost: £50 – £10 deposit payable on booking
Reduced cost of £40 if paid in full before 3rd June


The Many Functions of Breathing – influence on our physical structures, blood and lymphatic circulation, emotions and metabolic homeostasis.
Connective Tissue Physiology and The Piezoelectric Effect – The omnipresent substructure of the body; fascia and how its responds and reorganizes in response to physical forces, thus movement
Anatomy Studies – The mechanism of breathing, neural control, musculoskeletal elements, the thoracic cage as a damping mechanism for the body, fascial chains.
Case Studies – A look at some dysfunctions of breathing and the anatomical changes
How to assess anatomy in others – What does it tell us about their limitations and movement potentials, how to tailor exercise for individuals with improving anatomical relations and avoiding injury in mind