An Evening with Frankincense; A Mystical Journey with James Richardson

‘From my branches flows the fluid to which millions of hearts beat upon hearing its name’

Join us for a magical evening filled with the enchanting aroma of frankincense; an evening of sacred smoke and sound.

It is said that “Frankincense opens doors through which light can enter”
We will experience the spiritual and health benefits of frankincense, myrrh and other tree resins; each with their own distinct aromas and healing properties.

The connection and spiritual protection that tree resins provide, can help to keep us grounded and connected. You will come away from the event feeling awakened, uplifted and inspired.
During the evening we will..

* Explore and experience the spiritual effects of frankincense and other rare species from around the world; each with their own distinct aromas and healing properties.
* Learn about the cultural significance and traditional uses of these sacred resins.
* Discover which varieties resonate strongly, personally with you.
You will be offered Jiaogulan ‘Immortality Tea’, a heart nourishing adaptogenic tea, synergistic with the experience of being in meditation with the frankincense smoke.

Reserve your spot today and join us for a unique and unforgettable evening.
Places are limited to 15 people.

Cost: £32.50

6.45pm arrive
7-10pm Frankincense & Tree Resin experience

The event will be facilitated by James Richardson at Siyana Frankincense.
James has researched extensively into ancient healing techniques and has trained in Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma release. Daoist healing and regenerative detoxification. He developed a love for the benefits of frankincense, as an adjunct to natural healing modalities and for the experience of peace and connection that it brings

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