Sam Bullingham

Sam is a qualified yoga teacher (200 hr Yoga Alliance) and organic grower/farmer at Stroud Community Agriculture (SCA).

Sam’s teachings are rich yet explorative, threading somatic movement (sensation-based bodywork for wellbeing) with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. Her practice and teachings are highly influenced by a non-dual tantric view and the search for an embodied experience and connection to ourselves. She holds space for students to journey into their own rhythms and embodiment, as gateways to embrace the intimate depths of living and delight in their own empowerment and awakening. In this way she feels the practice becomes a call to come home to ourselves, and in such home to Nature itself. 


Shake the Dust

‘It’s not a fitness class, but it can get you fit and it’s not therapy but it can be therapeutic’

Satu Tuomela, Founder of Shake the Dust.

What is Shake the Dust?

This class is a cardio fitness class and SO much more!

I LOVE a slow and steady practice, however there are times when I yearn for a more chaotic, fast and confronting practice. That’s how my love affair with Shake the Dust started…

…It’s not about getting fit, it’s not about getting a good ass or tight abs (although this might happen), it’s about being HERE! Rather than getting stuck in what feels good, this practice is about meeting it ALL – your resistance, your impatience, your rage…and your joy.

Shake the Dust is an opportunity to move through, to rejoice, to mourn, to be reborn!

This practice is suitable for anyone and combines yoga, shaking, jumping, pilates, somatics and body-weight training, all set to a banging playlist!

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what those practicing online have to say:

‘On the outside, this looks like a workout class. But it FEELS like an awakening.’

‘On the surface it looks like a workout. But it’s truly a workout for the soul – It’s therapeutic, meaningful, and deep. Through this practice you’ll find freedom, self-expression, and truth. Oh, and absolutely banging tunes’

I can’t wait to Shake the Dust with you!

Booking essential

Saturday 9am - 10am Studio 1


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