Ryan Kerr

Ryan discovered yoga in his late teens, after struggling with his own mental health, brought on after coming out as gay at 13, and facing adversity. He was searching for something to help with the constant feeling of not belonging. After his first yoga class he describes “feeling completely whole for the first time in years” when led in his first shavasana, and become completely hooked immediately.
His first experience was with Iyenger yoga, here at Stroud Yoga Space, which he practiced for many years. He was then introduced to Ashtanga through a friend, and loved the discipline and intensity of the practice. He eventually gravitated more towards a Vinyasa Flow style, in which he could be fluid and let his body guide him into where it needs to be in that particular moment. He eventually completed his teacher training in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Outside of yoga Ryan also enjoys other movement practices such as calisthenics and animalistic movement, and is forever fascinated at the capabilities of the human body, and has learnt from many great teachers across the globe.


Vin to Yin

Ryan’s Friday Evening classes will be the perfect end to the week. The creative sequences will start soft, gradually building to a more playful sequence which will have some stronger and more challenging aspects to get the body flowing and untangle any stickiness that may have built up in the body during the week

There will always be modifications and various invitations given to allow everybody to find what feels good in their own unique body. The class will then begin to soften into a more yin-inspired close, with a few longer more restorative postures to gently guide you into your Friday evening and weekend

Ryan’s classes involve creative sequences that work a lot with both the Yin and Yang aspects of yoga, meaning plenty of movement, but also plenty of time to be still, to feel and embody yourself, and be present

Friday 6.15pm - 7.15pm Studio 2


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