Ranta Averate

Ranta is from Riga in Latvia and moved to the UK at the age of 19. After taking her first yoga class, she found her real purpose in life and undertook her first Yoga teacher training in Bali. In 2017 She further advanced her skills in New York completing overall 1000 hours of Dharma Yoga Teacher trainings with a beloved yoga master -Sri Dharma Mittra. In 2018 she started her Forrest Yoga training with a Shamanic healer Ana Forrest. Ranta practiced and trained with her inspiring ballerina friend- Ambra Vallo throughout all this time, highly valuing Ambra’s openness to all linages of yoga.

Ranta is dedicating her life in service to humanity by promoting playfulness, health, & well-being in totality through yoga and plant-based food.

Qualifications in Yoga:
200RYT Zuna Yoga (Bali, Indonesia, 2015)
500RYT Dharma Yoga (New York, USA, 2017)
700 HR Dharma Yoga – Pranayama & Meditation (New York, USA, 2018)
100HR Advanced Forrest Yoga with Ana Forrest (Berlin, Germany, 2018)
50HR Advanced Intensive -Pregnancy & Anatomy with Ambra Vallo (Italy, 2018)
1000 HR Dharma Yoga – Psychic development & Yoga Nidra (New York, USA, 2019

Qualifications in Medical Nutrition:
320 HR Hippocrates Health Institute Medical Nutritionist (California, 2019-2020)



Livestream Dharma Vinyasa

Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Yoga Master’s -Sri Dharma Mittra – almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga. In essence, Dharma Yoga is a devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. The method weaves together many teachings in order to bring all students closer to the goal of Self-realisation

Forrest Yoga is renowned globally as a powerfully physical, internally focused ceremonial yoga practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience from the yoga mat into daily life. PILLARS OF FORREST YOGA: BREATH, INTEGRITY, STRENGTH (connecting to the core-abdominals), SPIRIT

Live & Online Dharma Vinyasa  (Web Class)

Cost £7 – one session, £12 -two sessions, £15 – three sessions

To be paid via Paypal 10 minutes before the class, weblink will be sent to your email to join the class.

Please email Ranta to book

Sunday 9.30am - 10.30am Studio 2


To book this class or make further enquiries contact the teacher:

Email: info@yogiranta.com
Telephone: 07873 149116
Website: www.yogiranta.com