Martin Taylor

Martin is a Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher (RYT500). His love of yoga comes from a curiosity about body alignment and posture, and its connection with breath, which stems from a decade of T’ai Chi and Qi Gong practice before he was introduced to yoga.
His first yoga practice was Astanga, but his teaching now is primarily Vinyasa Yoga (Vinyasa really just means “to place in a special way”). Yoga practice can help to achieve greater mobility, strength and fitness but the beauty of yoga is how it enables emotional strength and flexibility to develop in parallel with the physical. These two key components of health and wellbeing are united by a third component – the breath.
Martin’s aim, in his practice and his teaching, is to draw attention to these connections, and to encourage an awareness of how our bodies move and function.



Martin’s classes typically form an arc, starting with gentle exercises to prepare the body for a more flowing sequence, perhaps building towards a “peak pose” before winding back down to more gentle movement and savasana.
The emphasis is on the action – how to work towards a pose – rather than the shape of the pose itself, making classes suitable for mixed abilities.
Wednesday 6.15pm - 7.30pm Studio 2


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