Yoga for Beginners: Building on the Basics

10 week course…

The yoga course that does what it says on the tin! Perfect for beginners who have got a little bit of experience under their belt, and now want to learn a bit more.

But don’t panic! This isn’t about flinging ourselves into handstands, trying to wrap legs behind heads, or anything that would get you an audition with the Cirque du Soleil because SPOILER yoga is about so much more than being bendy.

In fact, being bendy is just one happy side-effect from these amazing practices…

This is the perfect course for you if:

  • You’ve got around two or three months of a regular yoga practice. (Even just one class a week.)
  • You’re familiar with sun salutations, downward facing dogs, and a little bit of lunging.
  • You want to commit to something more regular and need a hand annihilating the excuses.
  • You’re looking for the friendliest yoga gang in Gloucestershire.

Over the ten weeks we’ll gently build up our asana practice (the bending stuff we do with our bodies) but also add on some of the more subtle elements. They’ll help us to find our focus and get those pesky minds under control; switch on some inner strength; and build better connections to our breath and body.

In yoga language they’re called drishti (focus), ujjayi (breath), and bandhas (inner energetic locks). But you just need to know they might bring a little extra “Ooooh”, “Mmmm”, and “Oooof!” to your practice. (In a good way…)

Sounds amazing! What’s the cost?

For the course of ten hour-long lessons, the investment is just £100.

What are the dates and times?

First class is on Saturday 23rd March starting at 9.00am. Our final class is on Saturday 1st June. There is no class on Saturday 6th April. Full list of dates is below:

Lesson 1: Saturday 23rd March

Lesson 2: Saturday 30th March


Lesson 3: Saturday 13th April

Lesson 4: Saturday 20th April

Lesson 5: Saturday 27th April

Lesson 6: Saturday 4th May

Lesson 7: Saturday 11th May

Lesson 8: Saturday 18th May

Lesson 9: Saturday 25th May

Lesson 10: Saturday 1st June

What else should I know?

Real Life Yoga is all about helping real people bring a little (or a lot) of yoga into their real lives. But please note there will be movements that take us from standing, down to the floor, and back up again. If you think this may be tricky for you, or if you’re recovering from any recent illness or injury, learning yoga in a class scenario such as this may not be for you. Please contact Meg to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any serious medical conditions you should check with your doctor before starting any kind of new physical activity. This class is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.