New Moon Sound Bath & Yin Yoga – monthly

We move through stretching and releasing the body and quieting the mind through a series of slow floor based Yin Yoga postures, then into the Sound Bath where you are invited to get cosy on your mat with a lavender eye pillow and blanket to soak up the vibrations of the crystal bowls as they gently wash over you.

This is a time where you are truly invited to rest, receive and reconnect to your inner voice and knowledge. I use a selection of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls which are infused with gemstones and metals, making each one a unique sound tool. All you need to do is show up and relax and receive.

– Upcoming Sound Baths –
Sunday 26th June from 2pm-4pm
Sunday 31st July from 2pm-4pm
Sunday 28th August from 2pm-4pm
Sunday 25th September from 2pm-4pm