Gentle Yoga – starting October

My Saturday classes are suitable for anyone who has done some yoga, including those who are just beginning. The sessions are particular designed for anyone, experienced or not, who wants to explore the teaching of Scaravelli yoga. My particular strength is to focus closely on the needs of the individual, as well as the group.

Vanda said, “yoga is not about getting into strange postures, the asanas.  Not, about tying yourself into knots!”

The releasing of tension, increasing mobility and learning to still the mind are the essence of yoga. From the teachings of Scaravelli I have learned to work intelligently with the spine and the breath, and the pull of gravity.

Stilling the mind, for me is key to living in our twenty-first century. We need to learn how to calm the busy brain, which is just an organ that needs love and care.

Yoga should not be a training for body control, on the contrary it must bring about freedom to the body” Vanda